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Maintenance Aug 19, 2019

Your garage door is likely the largest moving part in your entire home, and is used multiple times per day at any hour and in all seasons. Here in New England, the weather can really test the mechanical limits of your doors. To keep your garage door operating smoothly for decades to come, it’s very important that you schedule maintenance with us or take the time to perform regular preventive care and maintenance of your overhead door.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Look and Listen

    Is your door operating smoothly without jerks or pulls? Are there any concerning grinding or scraping sounds? Do all the springs, pulleys, and cables look symmetrical and operate smoothly?

  • Tighten Hardware

    Your garage door may go up and down as many as a thousand times a year. That’s a lot of movement and vibration! Roller brackets and bolts should be examined and tightened as needed.

  • Testing the Balance

    If your door isn’t balanced properly, this can strain the opener and other hardware diminishing the longevity of your door. If you pull the release cord and lift your garage door halfway up, it should remain in place. If it isn’t the springs may be worn or imbalanced and in need of service.

  • Rollers

    The rollers, no matter what type need to be inspected twice a year and should be replaced every six or seven years, even more if you use your door frequently. Worn, chipped, cracked rollers should be replaced right away to diminish wear on the track and other hardware.

  • Weatherstripping

    If the weatherstripping on the bottom of your door is brittle or cracked, it needs to be replaced to keep the elements and pests out.

  • Lubricate Moving Parts

    Keeping your door and all the hardware properly lubricated can add many years of worry-free use to your overhead door. White lithium grease is the most common lubricant for the chain or screw of the opener. Coating the springs, roller bearings, and other parts requires a specific lubricant that doesn’t attract dust, grit, or other abrasives that can ultimately damage hardware. Give us a call when it’s time for complete maintenance.

  • Cables

    Cables are under tension from the weight of the door or springs and should be adjusted by professionals – Like White Mountain Overhead Doors! Watch for frayed cables, broken strands, or loose connections and call us immediately if these need service.

  • Safety Features (Auto Reverse)

    If your doors do not have an auto-reverse safety feature, it is definitely time for an upgrade! Most auto-reverse are operated by photocell or mechanical means. If your door is mechanical, put a piece of wood or brick under your door and let it close. It should touch the object and reverse direction to reopen. If you have photoelectric sensors, close the door and pass an opaque object between the sensors. The door should stop and reopen.
    If it doesn’t, give us a call and let us make sure this important safety feature is properly operational.

  • Tracks

    Make sure the tracks are free of debris or dirt and remain plumb. The tracks should be attached firmly to the wall and not shift or move during operation.

  • Grooming

    Examine the door itself. Wood doors should be checked for water damage and warping as well as chipping or peeling paint that might expose the wood. Steel doors should be checked for rust that needs to be sanded, primed, and painted. You can wash your door with a mild detergent the same time you do your car.


We’re always happy to service your door or discuss any concerns or issues. Give us a call.

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