Frequently Asked Questions

White Mountain Overhead Doors FAQ

While every garage door material has its benefits, our experience is that steel insulated doors are the most versatile.
You technically can reuse garage door tracks (and we almost always do if we have to replace a section or two), but when you order a new door it is part of the package. The tracks are based on the thickness of the sections and not all doors are the same thickness. It's also not cost effective to buy a garage door piece by piece.
Steel is the most popular door that we sell. Aluminum doors are good in coastal towns where there is a lot of salt in the air, as aluminum will not easily rust over time and is more water-resistant.
We offer residential and commercial garage doors. We have residential door options in wood, steel, steel overlay, vinyl, and aluminum. Commercial doors are usually steel.
We have been in business since 1998 and we have learned a lot about installation, service and customer care since we opened our doors. We have always been proud to say that the owner of the company is also the person who installs and services our doors.
Our service area is a 2-hour radius from Fryeburg, Maine. This means we service most of northern NH and southern Maine.
Since the cost of a door includes many factors including door material, size of the door, glass options, spring configurations, and garage door openers it is impossible to have cookie cutter prices. We give free quotes by phone with no obligation to buy because we understand that customers want to be make to shop and compare products and services. Call us at 207-935-4666 for your free quote!
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